Tuesday, March 24, 2015

For Sale - Looking for a player that needs a control pedal

FCV100 Dual Mode Footcontroller Berhreinger $30

Features volume control of one stereo or 2 mono individual musical instruments
Modulation function provides a direct connection to keyboard's input
Really has reliable smooth performance
Adjustable minimal volume
9V battery with ow battery indicator
Power supply not provided but has connection at:12V 10 ma 
High-quality components

Unit tests good with the battery

Power Pins product installed on Takamine

Good friend RH bought his old favorite guitar out of the closet and into the shop for some tune up work and the addtion of the a product know as Power Pins. Issues with the guitar included poor action, poor fitting saddle and missing MOP dot on bridge.

First thing to address the saddle. A new bone blank was shaped to be a compensating saddle. The width was of the slot was checked and the blank was thicknessed  to adjusted properly fit. Now the action could be looked at.

Treble strings of the guitar were nearly on the fretboard. This was due to the old saddle laying over to a apx 30 degrees. The new saddle  height was carefully adjusted to make the action proper.

Power Pins installation was rather easy. The PP replace the existing pins and allow one to restring as though it were a "pass though" bridge. The tone of the guitar is marketed as being improved.

Last the MOP dot was installed and new Med strings installed to complete the project.

Here are images of  final result.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

MountainDulcimer from Falk Guitars

MountainDulcimer from Falk Guitars
Spiral Peg Box design
Walnut back & sides select grain
Grover gold tuners
21.25" scale Loop or Ball end strings
X-braced Western Cedar top Great tone

Thursday, March 5, 2015