Friday, December 9, 2016

Here is your source for great instruments. Need a repair? This is the place. 816-678-3255. Reasonable and guaranteed.

Like Dulcimers? Here is your source for great instruments. Need a repair? This is the place. 816-678-3255. Reasonable and guaranteed. Dulcimers? Go to Falk Guitars Mandoins and Dulcimers

Friday, November 18, 2016

Falk Guitar Players

Mr. Billy Whitfield on the left and Mr. Andy Chase Cundiff on the right.
You can get one for yourself.  Dave 816-678-FALK (3255)

Friday, October 28, 2016

ƒg Election & Daylight Savings Sale

15% off guitar and mandolin strings while supply lasts. 
Hurry It's time to order more. 
Call Dave 816-678-FALK(3255)

Monday, October 3, 2016

Falk Guitars and Mandolins is at the Arlinton Tx, GUITARLINGTON 2016 Show

Look for me and my good budddy Rex at the Guitarlington 2016 Guitar show. there are new items to see as well as the standards.
OCT 15- 16       10AM-to 5PM
See you there.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Nice Pernambuco Violin Bow Available

4/4 Size Pernambuco Violin Bow Silver mounted Black leather Ebony Frog

Retail: $225.00
FG Value : $89.12

Style: Pernambuco octagonal firm stick violin bow
Frog Eyes: Ebony frog, Parisian eye
Grip: Black leather silver mounted
Hair: "A" Grade Mongolia Horse Hair

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Back to School Orchestral Instruments

Falk Guitars and Mandolins
Offers a variety of orchestral and folk instruments

Back to School Special
If you are a parent looking to upgrade your child's first violin outfit and still want to get the most out of your money, Anton Breton offers the popular AB-05 through ƒg Falk Guitars! 
This great value of a violin outfit is one of the best quality and lowest priced, all solid, hand-carved violin outfits available to the vibrant student market. So whether you are looking for a step up instrument, or for your child's first instrument, you can be sure that when you purchase an Anton Breton outfit, that you will get the best balance of quality and value available!

Retail Price: $139.95
Item: AB-05

ƒg Price: $116.76
plus Shipping costs apx  $30

Back & Sides Solid Maple
Bow AB-100
Bridge Aged Maple
Case Lightweight Semi-shaped Foam
Chinrest Dyed Hardwood / Stradivarius
Fingerboard Dyed Hardwood
Finish  Traditional Red
Neck and Finish Solid Maple
Number of Back Pcs Two-piece
Nut & Saddle Dyed Hardwood
Peg Dyed Hardwood / Standard
Purfling Inlaid
Sizes 4/4 to 1/8
Tailpiece Composite / Four Built-in Finetuners

Top Solid Spruce

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Guitaronomics Marketing
This business model is wonderful. Popular guitar designs to people that want them But wait there's more.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Binding Wood - It's Wonderful

Wooden binding is fairly fun to work. Gross dimensions are .060" and .030" made of Walnut and Maple. This matches the bound fingerboard. The detail on the right shows the light dark combo of the stripes. Very pleasing. Since the US Post Office has learned nitrocellulose binding is flamable suppliers started providing ABS plastic binding. It looks fine but is not as easy to work as the old nitro. Wood binding is now more popular. Wood over platic is nice.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

New in the repair shop- Tenor Ukulele with a crack in the top

The customer brought in the instrument with a larck crack in the top. It was a clean break so gule up went well. The seam was raised and glue dabbed in, then realined and the excess glue wiped a way. A day was allowed for each step of the process to progress so the glue would hace no issues. 

The cleat material is sitka spruce. he ruler provides scale.

Had to make this cleat tool to hold the cleat in place as the glue dried –Works great.  Use an old economy tuner and some wood to make the fixture.

Here it is doing its job. Since the sound hole is too small for my had I udrilled a super small hole in the crack and ran a wire through it out the sound hole. The cleat was strung on like a bead on a neckless and tied off. Tension was added by cranking hte tuner to compete the repair.
Let the whole thing set for a day and do it again for a total of 4 cleats. 
The repair is strong and the tone of the little guy was as you would expect from a new ukulele. 

Can Your Miter Saw Rip?

Can your miter saw rip a board? The answer is no. But with a radial arm saw up have the option to rip, miter, and do compound angels. recently purchases a radial saw for some finish cabinetry work. Found it was not squared on the perpendicular and the table was warped. 
New MDF remedied the table issue and added a new Saw blade. Works like a champ. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

New Build Fret Installation

The drill press is useful as an arbor press so It is used for installing frets. The press has a 12 Inch radius matching the fingerboard. Frets are polished after fitting and crowing the ends. The fingerboard is bound with walnut around maple with walnut dot markers. Shaping up very well.

Left is the arbor apparatus, Center Tail end of fingerboard with frets installed, Right Headstock end of frets installed. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Epi 335 Mint Condition

Guitars from MIRC, the largest stringed instrument refurbisher in the world. Necessary repairs been made by Fender certified repairmen. Thoroughly tested, making sure all the electronics function properly, the neck is straight, the truss rod is adjusted properly, and that the action is set up properly. Guitars usually sell 50% of Showroom cost.  This is one of those guitars.

Grading System Used:
•Mint = Gread 2, the highest rating from MIRC—no visible repairs; guitar is in like new condition
•Excellent = 3+, the second best

Friday, April 29, 2016

3hree Tops Readied for Carving

Sitka spruce quartersawn, aged, squared ready for carving. Looking forward to new carving features in the  studio for future work.  Also like to mention new flat top tops are created and available too. ( I said top tops)

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Frets Cut to Width

Frets Cut to Width. This fret board has a binding around the perimeter, the tang of the fret is trimmed and the fret ends filed to shape before finishing.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Activity in the studio — Archtop Guitar is Shaping Up Nicely

Top image is the fingerboard setting on teh neck. Maple fingerboard with walnut dots. 12" radius.
Left is the a detail of the tail registration pin which come up into the fingerboard and looks like a nother dot marker. Righ is the nut registration which is hidden when assembled.  This guitar is coming together very well. I know the tone is good. The top is reflex voiced to provide optimum responsiveness for the string tension. More as it develops.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Rare and Beautiful Jose Ramirez

Jose Ramirez “Elite”
Structurally similar to the 1a Traditional model, the Elite is made with the most precious materials. The workmanship is exquisite with great attention to detail, including a custom boxwood shield inlay on the headstock and and additional inlay work throughout the purfling. The premium gold Fustero tuners are just another detail that make this guitar live up to its name. Comes with a Ramirez hardshell case.
About Ramirez Concert Guitars
Jose Ramirez Concert guitars are considered the most prestigious of all Ramirez Guitars. Each all-solid guitar is handmade with only the finest choices of woods and premium decorations. Built by a few luthiers in the small Ramirez workshop, each guitar is a truly unique instrument that has the stamp of approval from Amalia Ramirez herself.
Scale Length:
Solid Red cedar
Back & Sides:
Solid Central South American rosewood or Madagascar rosewood
Nut Width:
Nut Material:
Ramirez Strings
Bridge Material:
Tuning Machines:
Custom Rogers Gold Tuners with White Pearl Buttons
Ramirez Hardshell Case
Additional Info:

Available with 664mm scale length

List: $21,000.00

Monday, March 7, 2016

Four State Guitar Show had a lot to offer participants.

The Show was well attended. Spoke with many good folk, past contacts, future clients. Here is a picture of the table setup. The show took place in Sprignfield's Abou Bem Shriner's building where Elvis once rocked the roof. The guy in the chair is a great human known a Rex Walkenhorst. See him here contemplating how to take over the world.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

We are just a few days away from the Four State Guitar Show on March 5th from 10am-5pm at The Shrine Mosque. We have an amazing lineup of dealers from across the Midwest with instruments of all kinds. You will find it all from New, Used, Vintage, Custom, Boutique. Guitars, Mandolins, Banjos, amps, pedals and pedalboards, drums, Some of the greatest Bass gear in the country. There will be some fantastic clinics all day and hourly giveaways. Find your next great instrument or bring your instrument to sell, trade or get appraised. Plan to have a great time at the Four State Guitar Show.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Mandolin In the Pipeline

Presented is a mandolin formally on hiatus but now tabled for completion.  Spare use of  decorative appointments places this mandolin in a class for serious players. Quality craftsamnship as that found with high end f-5 models. The sound plates are tuned and graduated.  North American renewable forested woods from repsonsible sources are used to insure future supplies and best tonal characteristics for instruments. Naturally aged and dried.  Beautiful contours carved and shaped with deep recurve. This may be a keeper. Try it for yourself later this year.