Tuesday, May 17, 2016

New Build Fret Installation

The drill press is useful as an arbor press so It is used for installing frets. The press has a 12 Inch radius matching the fingerboard. Frets are polished after fitting and crowing the ends. The fingerboard is bound with walnut around maple with walnut dot markers. Shaping up very well.

Left is the arbor apparatus, Center Tail end of fingerboard with frets installed, Right Headstock end of frets installed. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Epi 335 Mint Condition

Guitars from MIRC, the largest stringed instrument refurbisher in the world. Necessary repairs been made by Fender certified repairmen. Thoroughly tested, making sure all the electronics function properly, the neck is straight, the truss rod is adjusted properly, and that the action is set up properly. Guitars usually sell 50% of Showroom cost.  This is one of those guitars.

Grading System Used:
•Mint = Gread 2, the highest rating from MIRC—no visible repairs; guitar is in like new condition
•Excellent = 3+, the second best