Thursday, September 24, 2015

1913 Albert Shutt Professional Mandolin Style B

1913 Albert Shutt Professional Mandolin Style B
credit to R. Siminoff

Albert Shutt (1877-1963)

Albert Shutt was a musician and instrument designer from Topeka, Kansas who introduced many innovative ideas for guitar, mandolin, and harp-guitar. Of special interest as it relates to the instruments developed by Lloyd Loar and The Gibson Mandolin-Guitar Manufacturing Co. Limited in the early 1920s were the features Shutt employed in his mandolin design. These included an arched soundboard and backboard, f-holes, elevated fretboard, body scrolls, and a narrower fretboard whose width and taper were surprisingly identical to that of the F5 mandolin. However, Shutt’s soundboard design did not feature tonebars, and the body was somewhat smaller than that of the F5 mandolin. His soundboards and backboards were taped to add a bit of strength and inhibit grain cracking.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Plan now for your Christmas Dulcimer

Many are speaking of Fall. Think farther forward to December and plan now for your Christmas Dulcimer.